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Steve Mills on November 17, 2012 Comments (7)




Dear Friends,


Our former ABWE president, now with the Lord, always signed his letters, “Great things He hath done, over and over again.” That’s what I’m thinking this morning!


I just came back from the hospital after visiting Bernadette. She was not a happy camper because she had been given some medicine that did not taste good. She is off all IV meds, and has not had a spinal tap in several days. We are thanking the Lord that she seems to be quite stable. She is currently watching “Shaun the Sheep” on Dr. Kelly’s computer, and has a French copy of  THE BIBLE FOR CHILDREN, which I just took over from the CRC. Her dad reads French, so when he visits, he can share some Bible truths with Bernadette using this attractive book.


Thank you for keeping this little girl in your prayers!


I’d like to ask you to be in prayer for Mr. Matt Mills, the videographer who trained our team last year. He is returning to Togo, arriving December 11 and leaving on December 18. The goal of his visit is to answer the many questions the guys have, as well as to critique their work over the past year. This is a crucial visit, and will enable the guys to improve and to move forward in the video ministry. There will only be five working days, so will you pray that Matt and the men will be well prepared, and that this will be a very effective time?


Your care for our ministries is vital; I can’t thank you enough for upholding us in prayer!


Thanking the Lord for all He continues to do,


CRC & Print Shop
ABWE Togo, W. Africa





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